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IMED is your co-development partner for design, tooling and injection molding solutions for the healthcare, electronic and consumer industries.
Our decades of experience, diversity and unparalleled creativity get our clients to the finish line before their deadlines and the competition! 

IMED is like having your own design team, R&D associates and manufacturing specialist at your disposal.

We collaborate with you, both on & off-site, for the valuable time-to-market reductions companies need to succeed.

IMED's idea of VALUE is attention to detail, precise assessments, consistent communication, expert execution, customer commitment & fulfillment at a reasonable price.
Whether you require 10 or 100 or 10,000 pieces, IMED will proactively respond and offer viable solutions to accompany your requests.
Smaller quantity manufacturing still requires robust standards. IMED assures capability is met with scientific data for more effective solutions.