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I like the space your company is in! Having a system created for design, then R&D and then small quantity saleable-manufacturing product at a fast pace will give us another resource for those special programs that otherwise we don’t want to pass up - nobody’s doing this…

Having a master tool-maker with your experiences helping design my catheter product was an eye-opening experience that pushed design freeze up by months, and without a doubt, created a more robust product in the long run.

Suggesting analysis proved to be very beneficial and we really appreciate your direction on that. This exercise proved to save us over $40,000 on a new tool without the quality improvements we needed, not to mention additional months of development and costs.

We attempted to use one of those prototype tooling houses, but the design intent (major features) was lost with their manufacturing concessions needed to make our parts to spec. IMED filled that void while recognizing small quantity production for testing and viability, not to mention in the resin of choice.  We were the only company with production quality parts at the tradeshow.

IMED has been a solid partner in this DV build process since day one. We would not be where we are without help, understanding and commitment to this project.

We really appreciate your taking the time to come to the West Coast and describe your company and your approach to developing medical devices. As we discussed, your focus on the early stages of development is not typical and provides a vital service to design firms such as ours.